Home lighting –Sensibly Light up your personal spaces with panache!

Your home is theplaceon earthwhere you long to be. This is your comfort zone, a place where you feel free and your mind feels relaxed. We need to thoughtfully plan the lighting of each space of your home for a perfect illumination, to let thesespaces breathe for you. Beit indoor or outdoor,be sure to make a statement while lighting up your home for a vibrant and positive vibe.

Let us take a tour of your beautiful home as we plan the lighting of these spaces.

Lighting up the Foyer–

This space creates the first impression, you need to leave an impression which will last.These space need to be softly lit.

Enchant it with Chandeliers -Use them to delight your guests.

Dazzle-it with pendant lights –Use hanging pendants for a soft glow and radiance.

Warm it with Sconces –Use these lights to make your hallways noticeable.

Lighting up the Living room–

This is the first room of the housethat you walk into,you need to create an inviting ambiance to this room.

Highlight it with Accent lights –Use them to highlight your living room, like a painting or a textured wall. They point to the spot and are adjustable.

Create an effect with Ambient lights –Use chandeliers or ceiling lights etc.to illuminate the room without glare.


There Are Plenty Ways the Party Room Can Be Decorated It will be nice to float green balloons decorated all over the place. The tableware should be themed too. This includes the tablecloth, centrepiece, paper plates, plastic cups, napkins and every other little extra. Here is one cute idea, why not use the movie posters as decorations and as well make it double as a gift. Just saying! After all, they are cheap to get.

Lighting up your bedroom

This is yourpersonalspace!The place where you unwind yourself, most sought relaxing spot. The place where your eyes opento welcome your day. The place to read a book or solve a sudoku on a weekend. The place where you get dressed for work, or glam up for a party. Frame your bed with Sconces –Use them symmetrically on sides of for a romantic feel. Accentuate the wallswith Accent lights–Use them to highlight a decorativewall or a frame.Boost the ambiance with spotlights –Use these eyeball lights around theroom for adding richness to the room. Focus on with Task lights –Use them to focus on your reading or any task you do in your bed.

Lighting up your baths

This spacewhere you groom yourself needs proper lighting. The placement of lightings mustbe done with proper consideration. Focus the mirrors with sconces or task lights –Use them symmetrically so as to get a clearer view in themirror. Overall illumination with Ceiling-mounted fixtures –Use these lights to brighten up the bath area.Lighting up the kitchen, dining–This is the busiest space of your house. A warm place for the family to settle for a dinner, share and care for each other. Most of all this space is a stress-free workplace, a place to enjoy what you do!Hence this place needsto be sensibly illuminated.

Outdoor lighting


Warm sconces for intimacy –Use them to give a feeling of warmand inviting entrance.

Deck up your yard or decks with LED lighting _Use these lights to give a subtle lighting to these open spaces, because you don't want it loud. This can be quite pleasing to your neighbors'as well.

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